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Comparison with a chain letter


Chain letters, being illegal, are not as popular as they used to be. But some of us remember how they sometimes spread like wild fire. Here’s how they work.

You would get a letter in the mail from a friend or acquaintance. There would be a list of five names. The letter would ask you to send a small sum of money - say, $5.00 - to each person on the list. You were instructed to strike the first name from the list and then add your own name at the bottom. You would make five copies and send them to friends or acquaintances. If all went well, you would soon be receiving letters in the mail enclosing $5.00. Your initial investment would be greatly multiplied.

Chain letters work by a mechanism of multiplication. If everyone who receives such letters does as they are told, they deliver on their promise. However, many recipients of letters will decline to participate, lessening their impact. The market for chain letters can eventually become saturated. There will simply not be enough persons down the line to carry out the program and the particular chain letter will be exhausted.

Gold Party resembles a chain letter in that it creates webs of personal connection to grow the party. Each member has an incentive (in the point system) to recruit other members. Thus, the people who participate earlier in the process tend to have more points than those who join later (as the people who start the chain letters have better luck with their investment).

The main difference is in regard to market saturation. Chain letters peter out as a larger part of the population participates. It is quite the opposite with Gold Party. As the process of membership recruitment reaches a larger part of the population, more and more people join the party. Gold Party members will comprise a greater share of the voting public. This party will eventually be in a position to take over the government by attracting a majority of votes in elections to public office. Saturation of the political market spells victory, not exhaustion.

The initial challenge is to design a point system that encourages members to recruit other members so that the party grows. Later on, the point system should encourage effective communication and discussion of issues so that Gold Party, once in power, can improve government policies.

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