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Essential Information

Telephone: Be sure to include area code. If outside the United States and Canada, please include country code.

Email address: Be sure to include this if you have one. It’s best to communicate with us by email.

Other membership point:

Gold Party is unusual in rewarding members who help recruit other members. After all, our goal is to grow in size so that we become an effective political force. This feature of an extra point assigned to another member gives a certain advantage to persons who join at an earlier time.

As a new member, we are asking you to decide which person currently belonging to Gold Party was most responsible for persuading you to join. That member will receive .5 extra points as a result of your joining. You can also give that person the other .5 points, if you wish, or assign it to some other member. Persons joining Gold Party through this website, and also those who join before Gold Party becomes an active organization in your area, can assign the extra membership point to themselves.

Remember, politics is personal. Get to know other members. Build up Gold Party by cultivating personal ties.


Registered voter: A Gold Party member who is not a registered voter in the United States can still participate in the party and can vote but this person receives only half the number of points (votes) that would otherwise be received.

Date Applied: This is the date when you filled out and signed the form.

Dues paid: You choose how much money you wish to contribute to the party. Members who contribute more will be rewarded by receiving a larger number of votes. (See Gold Party point system.) If a member does not pay the amount listed on the dues schedule, the dues-related points will be scaled down to the next lower number.

Signature: Application forms, to be processed, must be signed.

Mail your completed application form and dues to Gold Party, 1702 Glenwood Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403 U.S.A.


This membership application is not valid if an applicant does not pay at least $1.00 in annual dues. We need at least that to cover our costs in producing a membership card and acknowledging your membership by mail. For members who join through the Internet, it is acceptable to pay membership dues by including currency or postage stamps in the envelope when you mail us the application. However, we assume no responsibility for claims of lost dues. It’s best to send checks or money orders when the dues payment is over $1.00.


Although Gold Party is formed for the purpose of capturing the U.S. government through the election process, persons living outside the United States may also be Gold Party members, even if they are not eligible to vote in U.S. elections. Our rule is that members who are not registered to vote in U.S. elections receive only half the number of votes to which they would otherwise be entitled.

As a practical matter, the focus of Gold Party activities will be on politics in the United States. There may be problems, for instance, with the different languages. What we will do is compile membership lists for the different countries outside the United States. If members are interested in creating a Gold Party organization in their own country, we will assist in the process. However, there are no guarantees.

With respect to dues payment, we will accept currency or postage stamps in the foreign (non-U.S.) money so long as it is equivalent to at least one U.S. dollar.


Optional information

Personal information: If you do not wish to disclose your age, sex, or occupation, please leave these fields blank. Party membership will not be affected by such personal characteristics, but the information may be useful in shaping the party organization and its activities.

Party affiliation: Gold Party is not an exclusive political organization. Members can continue to belong to other parties if they wish. The purpose of Gold Party is to mobilize the electorate at a grassroots level. While Gold Party eventually will endorse candidates for public office, the initial goal is to build up the organization to a point that it will be an effective political force. It will work within or outside existing party structures in an expeditious manner to seek the desired changes in government and in society.

Other comments and questions: Let us know what is on your mind if the preceding questions did not cover it. Please feel free to include additional sheets if you wish to elaborate on any subject or discuss something else.


We recognize that, initially, there will be a trust issue when a new organization such as Gold Party is starting its operation. You do not know us. Hopefully, the low dues requirement will let you take a chance on this startup enterprise. At most, you would be risking one dollar plus an envelope and a postage stamp. We are not seeking any of your personal information other than for contact purposes.

Please recognize also that options for effective political organizing for average people in the United States have become limited. Most involve spending lots of money. We’re trying to accomplish the same thing through grassroots organizing.

Essentially, we’re building up a list of people interested in this approach to politics - who recognize that the situation in Washington has become so bad that people must now take political matters into their own hands - with the understanding that these people will then become organized in their local communities. Once organized in this fashion, Gold Party will be under the direction of its members. The initial organizers may then be out of the picture, depending on how events transpire.

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