As an American, I demand my Identity Independence!

Identity Independence means the ability to choose your own identity instead of having someone else do it for you. You define who you are and are free to pursue your personal goals and ideals.

One would think that, more than other people, Americans are in control of their identities. We have the freedom to do what we want and be what we want to be. While that may be true in theory, Americans are also exploited. If I say “I am an American”, what does that mean? Stereotypically, it means that I salute the flag, root for my “hometown” professional sports team, drink Budweiser beer, drive Chevvy trucks, and eat at McDonald’s. In other words, I am a loyal patron or supporter of someone else’s well-organized scheme.

Who am I in and of myself? That question is harder to answer. I think it starts in the genes. I am what my genetic heritage gave to me plus the culture gained by experience. An authentic culture is what I received from my parents at an early age. I learned how to talk. I learned the rudiments of social behavior. My parents learned those things from their parents and so we have a continuous culture going back many years. This is an authentic source of personal identity.

At a certain age, however, children absorb the culture which society wants them to have. This is not always in the child’s interest. School curricula may be influenced by politics. Adults insert a political message into course work which the children must take to be passed to the next grade. And so they are forced to accept unauthentic identities. Their type of person may be discouraged or degraded. Other negative influences come from news reports or the entertainment world. There is an attempt to make people believe they are other than what they are or should be.

Does each person has a right to define himself or herself freely? If so, what can be done to combat those who would deny individuals that right? For starters, let’s discuss the identity problem. Once people know who they are and what they want, they are in a position to do something about it.

Whoever you are, you should know that identity independence is an idea whose time has come. .

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A Disclaimer This discussion reflects the situation of the author; others may have a different view.

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