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MPRAC meeting at Whittier Park in late 1990s left: Charlie Disney, Jim Swartwood, Mark Stenglein and others at front table right: a typical audience in those days


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From a landlord's perspective, the political fault line runs not between landlords and tenants (who are their customers) but between landlords and predatory elements within local government.

Facing abuse from local government, most landlords try keep a low profile, hoping that they will not be singled out for further punishment. This only encourages the abusers. In Minneapolis, a group of inner-city landlords tried another approach: They picketed and protested and generally became a thorn in the side of the city administration. In the process, they changed public opinion. The payoff was that in 2001 the mayor and half of the City Council were defeated.

This web site is about the Minneapolis group: their tactics, history, and grievances that landlords had. It describes types of experiences which, perhaps for reasons of social class, pass under the radar of public attention and understanding. Click on the following to explore areas of interest:

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left to right: (1) Charlie Disney (2) front table with Steve Meldahl, Jim Swartwood, Eve White, Natalie Johnson Lee, and Vickie Heller (3) Bill McGaughey

An ad in the local newspaper, January 8, 2008 - how landlords, with their negative image, helped bring on the housing crisis.


Note: MPRAC has not had regular meetings since early in 2010. Neither has the Watchdog newspaper been published recently.

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Charlie in his last year


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