Articles on Housing Issues



Andy Ellis' Note to his superiors in the Inspections Department (ellis) 314 words (April 1995)

Landlords vs. City of Minneapolis (Nonprofits in the Background) by Brad Rickertsen (nonprofits) 1025 words (August 1995)

The real way the (welfare) system works by Brad Rickertsen (Rickertsen) 346 words (September 1995)

Inner City Rental Property Terminology by Brad Rickertsen (terminology) 984 words (October 1995)

Forced outTwin Cities Reader article (forcedout) 3998 words (February 1996)

A Tenant's Guide to Landlords' Thinking about Evictions (tenanttraining) 1494 words (2002?)

Good landlord, bad landlord - tracking 911 calls to buildings discourages crime reporting (goodandbadlandlord) 608 words (April 1998)

Amid Housing Crisis, buildings continue to be demolished in Minneapolis (demolish) 1422 words (2002?)

Plan Underway to convert Minneapolis from Rental Housing to Home Ownership (homeownership) 853 words plus 1 image (1999?)

Tom Manion complains of bad police work in Minneapolis (written by landlord not belonging to MPRAC) (manion) 1436 words (Dec. 1998)

Don't listen to the Poverty Pimps (acorn) 480 words (Nov. 2000)

King Urukagina would know what to do (urukagina) 998 words (Feb. 2001)

Documentation of Loss in Minneapolis Rental Units, 1988 to 2000 (lostunits) 218 words (June 2001)

Is the Private Sector unable to provide Affordable Housing? (flynn) 400 words (2001?)

Public Recognition for Mpls. landlords? (reitman) 1424 words (Dec. 2001)

Learning from the Herron Experience (when a Minneapolis City Council member was caught taking a bribe) (herron) 764 words (July 2001)

Enron Minneapolis-Style the Herron scandal and investigation (enron) 615 words (March 2002)

Affordable Housing Preservation - Statements made during the 2001 mayoral primary (affordablehousing) 687 words (Aug. 2001)

Property Rights and the Political Spoils System (spoilsystem) 773 words (Dec. 2001)

Rybak on his Way to Solving the Affordable Housing Crisis (semi-satyrical) (vacancies) 347 words (Jan. 2002)

Honest government - Where does it fit into the city’s housing plan? (honestgovernment) 725 words (2002?)

Blame buildings for crime? Letter to editor of the Star Tribune (lettertoeditor) 240 words (Oct. 2002)

An Open Letter to the Somali community (somalis) 901 words (July 2002)

Star Tribune Article Stirs Discussion of Housing and Crime Responsibilities (gangestad) 1068 words (Sept. 2004)

Two Perspectives on the Minneapolis Problem Properties Unit (PPU) 2728 words (Nov. 2004)

Crime is more than broken windows (brokenwindow) 686 words (June 2006)

Remembering Chuck Mesken (a long-time landlord who was Mayor Rybak's step-father) (mesken) 1624 words plus 1 image (Sept. 2006)

What American landlords have in common with Chinese peasants A threat from government allied with big developers  (property1) 1835 words (Jan. 2006)

“Communist China” enacts law to strengthen private property while Minnesota legislators move in the opposite direction (ChinaMinnesota) 1849 words (March 2007)

Can Landlords be "Progressive"? Looking for a respectable place in the political spectrum (progressive1) 4779 words (March 2006)

What are property rights? Are they more important than human rights? (propertyrights) 1431 words (April 2006)

Response to the city's renewed bureaucratic offensive the Problem Property Unit is on the move (deegan) 931 words (Nov. 2006)

Letter to Minneapolis city officials on more efficient services to fight crime Too many bureaucratic activities and not enough service on the street (efficient) 1602 words (Dec. 2006)

Neighborhood X Minneapolis neighborhood association assumes role of gatekeeper rather than provider of service to area residents (neighbhoodx) 2442 words (March 2007)

Let There Be Peace (Without Theft) A flyer distributed at the northside peace rally on May 19, 2007 (peaceflyer) 928 words (May 2007)

The Blame Game Was the I-35W Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis an example of negligence or an act of God? (bridgecollapse) 1425 words (Aug. 2007)

Property Rights members attend Real-Estate Foreclosure workshop A salesman tries to sign them up for a course (foreclosures) 2024 words (Sept. 2007)

Did the courts convict the wrong man for murder; and does it matter? The case for Jermaine Stansberry's innocence in the murder of Brandon Hall (stansberry) 1919 words (Nov. 2007)

A Tirade about Property Rights at Kokomo’s Island Cafe in the Mall of America (by Matt Snyders of City Pages) Boredom and sleep deprivation are powerful motivators (mallofamerica) 587 words (Dec. 2007)

Tales from the urban forest Can squirrels be tamed? (squirrel) 1645 words (May 2008)

Is Minneapolis fire station a “problem property”? What Bill McGaughey recently witnessed from his front porch. (firestation) 475words (May 2008)

The measure of a patriot Willingness to challenge abusive government by direct action (truepatriot) 1336words (May 2008)

Reaction to a Shooting at Juneteenth Many a word but no plan of action (juneteenth) 815 words (June 2008)

Seven Lean Years and more to come if Minneapolis city government continues to persecute its local businesses (adultcouncil) 985 words (November 2008)

The City of Minneapolis Intensifies its Revenue Collections City inflates tax-assessed values and orders involuntary snow shoveling (moneyhungry) 1612 words (February 2009)

A modest proposal for the city to raise money in hard times (satire) Establish a new profession of windshield cleaners (windshieldclean) 733 words (February 2009)

Neighborhood people meet to select representatives to new city Department Unable to decide at this meeting what comes next (NRPmeeting) 1040 words (February 2009)

A Veteran Minneapolis Landlord Offers Historical Perspective by Mel Gregerson He arrived in the city in 1956 (mel) 669 words (May 2009)

Massive rezoning of south Minneapolis: two views by two posters on Minneapolis e-democracy discussion list City plans are complex (cityplanning) words (September 2009)

Failure to communicate Minneapolis elected officials are unresponsive to constituent inquiries. (ludeman) words (October 2009)

The University of Minnesota comes to the rescue of north Minneapolis UROC will teach entrepreneurship. (universityentrepreneurship) 967 words (June 2010)

Worst landlords to see the most scrutiny Minneapolis city government seeks to punish landlords - by Steve Brandt. (rentallicenseinspections) 631 words (March 2011)

What are housing inspections for? by William McGaughey, Star Tribune, December 19, 2011

Nice family man looks to buy property in a poor neighborhood of Minneapolis He wants to give back to the community. (nicefamilyman) 350 words (May 2014)

Letter in response to new city policy on releasing data on inspections complaints More negative stereotyping of landlords (citydata) 509 words (September 2014)

Letter to Harrison Neighborhood Association A dinner workshop to teach tenants their legal rights (bergrenletter) 374 words (October 2014)

The McKnight Foundation subsidizes tenants-rights organizations An exchange of views (McKnightFoundation) 3,980 words (January 2017)



(Note: In most cases, these articles were written by Bill McGaughey, a member of MPRAC's executive committee and later co-chair. See other articles written by him.)


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