Landlords support Police Federation proposal for gang unit

July 17, 1995

Letters to the Editor
Star Tribune
425 Portland Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55488

Dear Editor:

I am writing to report that the Executive Committee of Minneapolis Property Owners Action Committee has decided to support a proposal that the city create a new 25-officer unit to investigate gang violence. Allen Berryman, president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis, made the proposal at a news conference several weeks ago.

After months of landlord-bashing by members of the Minneapolis City Council, it is refreshing to have the focus of blame for violent crime placed where it properly belongs: upon the violent criminal. Gang violence is at the heart of the city’s soaring murder rate. It is high time that the city make a strong commitment to addressing that problem. While increased police presence may not cure the root causes of crime, we feel that such an approach is needed to bring the immediate problem under control and ensure the public safety.

To us it appears that the Minneapolis City Council has no sense of urgency about attacking violent crime in our city. Their response has been “business as usual” - more political game-playing. We have too much at stake in this city to allow such attitudes to go unchallenged. We applaud new initiatives, such as Berryman’s, which aim in the right direction. We invite other community groups to join with us in building a consensus to support this approach.


Charles Disney

Executive Director,
Minneapolis Property Owners Action Committee


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