Andy Ellis' Note to his superiors in the Inspections Department

April 18, 1995

Mike Osmonson
Minneapolis Inspections Department

Dear Sir:

I gave you a letter a short while back regarding inconsistencies on the part of my supervisor Woody Dixon in his ever changing directions to me. I was seeking clear understanding on how I should proceed in certain matters hereafter to save time and unnecessary expense.

You, apparently, responded yesterday by calling an immediate training session for me at 12:00 noon tomorrow. Your note changed that time now to 11:00 a.m. in your office. You told me Woody Dixon, Jose Cervantes, and yourself will all be present when this session is opened. Rules will be set.

I ask you again for a union representative to be present. In this office Matt Simoneau is the current steward. I also ask that you list for me where you feel I need further training. Since you will not permit me to record this session for my benefit and future reference, how will I be able to clearly understand and remember all that I assume will be directed toward me? Why, also, is it necessary to have three on one? Especially since the record will show all three have shown animus toward me in the past.

For your information and attached hereto is a communication I had given out in 1977, eighteen years ago. Nothing has changed. in fact it’s become more hostile and critical, abusive and neglectful. This letter does not begin to address all of the problems in inspecting for so-called minimum standards.

All those recipients of that letter have come and gone. Little has changed. I believe the key words here are deliberate indifference.

Andrew Ellis

cc.             Merwyn Larson               Jock Allison
               Conny Fournier                Joanne Velde
               Woody Dixon                Matt Simoneau
               Jose Cervantes                Roger Siegel
               Jim Strong                Mayor Sayles Belton

Note: Andy Ellis, a long-time Minneapolis housing inspector, joined Minneapolis Property Owners Action Committee about this time.

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