Email Wars


In Minneapolis:

Reacting to statements made by Don Samuels (samuelstatement) 416 words (April 2006)

What neighborhood busybodies want this City Council gives (busybodies) 6239 words (Oct. 2006)

Is Dyna Sluyter complaining too much about crime? Crime-afflected resident of north Minneapolis fights her critics on the list. (dynasluyter) 5578 words (July 2008)

Should the Minneapolis police chief be fired? He was insensitive and possibly racist, some say. (joenathan) 6362 words (August 2008)

Jim Graham's Advice on dealing with "slumlords" Blame them for crime and throw away the key (jimgraham) 3857 words (May 2009)

Discussion of Events related to Uncle Bill's Food Market "Neighbors" clamor to have the building torn down (contractors) 4520 words (September 2009)

Whether campaign contributions influence Council Members' votes on development projects the case of 600 Main Street S.E., Minneapolis, MN (minn) 6477 words (October 2009)

In St. Paul:

No, it's not a problem property - response to St. Paul Council Member Lee Helgen's argument to tear the house down at 14 East Jessamine Street (problemproperty) 433 words (Feb. 2006)

Sparring with Spaulding who hates the Watchdog newspaper (spaulding) 3402 words (Feb. 2006)

Reports from the scene of 14 East Jessamine Street (reportsfromscene) 1325 words (Feb. 2006)

Jousting with Chuck Repke who thinks some landlords tolerate tenants burning to death in their buildings (repke) 6210 words (June 2006)


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