Letter to Jim McCauley and Eve White

January 13 , 2006

Dear Eve and Jim,

I see that Channel 6 took the MPRAC meeting off the air today. It’s the end of an era - a sad day but not one of regret.

Thanks to you both, we had a television presence a year or two longer than what we otherwise would have had. Even Charlie Disney gives you credit for this accomplishment.

It’s easy for back-seat drivers to criticize. You stepped up, when we needed it, and kept the organization alive.
I knew, after the change in city administrations in 2001, that we would have a hard time sticking to our original mission because Minneapolis city government was no longer the monster it once was. We had lost our target of opposition. And, of course, the leadership which you provided was largely responsible for removing Jackie Cherryhomes from office.

I think it might be possible to keep MPRAC going on a reduced scale; but we’d have to go back to the entire membership and see what they want to do. However, it might take some time and effort to go through that process.

Even if we’re at the end of the line, I think we can look back in pride on our organization. All groups have a life cycle. While it’s sad to see something end, we need to keep things in perspective.

For my part, I thank you for the sacrifice of time and money to continue for the past four years what was, in my opinion, one of the most remarkable landlord organizations anywhere.


Bill McGaughey



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