Press Release for August 17th rally at St. Paul City Hall


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Randy Kelly Must Go” Rally at City Hall next Wednesday

A group of landlords, homeowners, and property owners unhappy with the current St. Paul city administration will be holding a rally at the St. Paul City Hall (south entrance) on Wednesday, August 17, 2005, starting at 1:30 p.m. The rally will include at least 25 participants and one of Mayor Kelly’s opponents in this year’s election.

Despite Randy Kelly’s alleged “pro-business” policies, St. Paul has become known as one of the nation’s least hospitable cities for small property owners. At least three lawsuits which allege racketeering by the city are pending in federal court. Kelly’s housing czar, former Minnesota representative Andy Dawkins, has launched what many describe as a “reign of terror” against property owners in the city. There are reports that he himself owns run-down properties.

Several homeowners who have been victimized by the city will be attending the rally and telling their story. Some have had their homes condemned for no reason other than financial inability to cope with the numerous work orders imposed by St. Paul housing inspectors. These politically-directed inspectors are a menace to the community. One ordered a homeowner to sell her house to his buddy at a bargain price or else have the house torn to the ground (which it eventually was).

St. Paul voters should not tolerate corruption by city officials. These career lawyer-politicians, Kelly and Dawkins, have little idea what it means to do honest work for modest renumeration. Some believe they are attempting to gentrify the city by driving out persons of low or middle incomes through their heavy-handed housing policies. Others believe this is simply a matter of politicians or their friends using the powers of city government to acquire property without paying for it.

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allows unscrupulous city administrations to condemn anyone’s home through eminent domain if a developer promises more tax revenue. This makes it even more important to elect city officials who show responsibility and restraint in exercising government functions.

The men and women who will be attending Wednesday’s rally are among the courageous few who dare stand up to the political bullies at St. Paul City Hall and tell them that they must go.

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