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Our Love/Hate Relationship with the Media
“ Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.”


Our “love” relationship begins with Kevin Diaz, former City Hall reporter for the Star Tribune. Unfortunately, he has left the city for a position in Washington, D.C. Most of the remaining Star Tribune reporters, editors, and editorial writers seem unsympathetic to our concerns. The same is true, for the most part, of the neighborhood newspapers and alternative newspapers.

With respect to the broadcast media, we have a good relation with radio talk show hosts such as Joe Soucheray and Barbara Carlson. We also appreciate that Lou Harvin of Channel 2 (public television) did a good job of covering our story of how inflated repair-cost estimates for vacant buildings resulted in their demolition. The commercial radio and television stations have a mixed record in covering what we see as an important area of social and political concern.

Consider these examples of media bias:

Star Tribune reporter uses loaded language in describing inner-city landlords. (absenteelandlords) 802 words (Nov. 1999)

Editorial and reporting attack on Bob Anderson (bobanderson) 894 words (2000?)

The Star Tribune does a number on Maw Lee (mawlee) 733 words (Jan. 2001)

Sins of omission - from a letter to the managing editor of the Star Tribune, Pam Fine (pamfine) 1269 words (Aug. 2000)

To the Media: You're forgetting one thing (Real-estate taxes are a combination of tax rates and assessed value.) (taxcut) 1540 words (May 2005)

What the Star Tribune did to Dan Cohen (but wound up paying for in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision) (dancohen) 1819 words (June 2005)

Why They Don’t Get It or, perhaps, Don't Want to Know regarding corruption in the city of St. Paul (dontknow) 1652 words (Aug. 2005)

The Star Tribune is Sold to a Group of New York Investors raising speculations as to the political impact (startribune) 1354 words (Dec. 2006)

Hate Speech and Violent Crime as reported in our Community We're less interested in homicides than in racially offensive words (hatespeech) 4415 words (Nov. 2007)

Steve Meldahl, Don Samuels, Northside Blogs, and the Lost Generation How to salvage personal dignity in a world of declining job opportunities for college graduates (meldahl) 1872 words (Jan. 2011)
Analysis of the problem:
It's a class thing - verbal elites vs. landlords. (verbalelite) 353 words (1998?)

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