Meeting with the Winner of the Mayoral Primary

Fresh from his convincing primary-election victory in the Mayor’s race, R.T. Rybak appeared at the regular monthly meeting of the Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee in the evening of Wednesday, September 12, 2001, at the Eagles club located at 25th Ave. and 25th Street in south Minneapolis. The mayoral candidate spent an hour discussing property, housing, and crime issues with the group’s members and others in attendance including 8th Ward candidate Robert Lilligren. Rybak’s mother, a property owner herself, also engaged in a friendly and spirited conversation with the group.

When asked what supporters could do to help his campaign, Rybak replied that more important than campaign contributions and lawn-sign locations would be for the property-owner group to pool its expertise in the housing area and come up with a list of specific suggestions to correct problems in this area. Rybak said that he is putting together a comprehensive program to change city government which, if elected Mayor, he hopes to implement during the first ninety days of the incoming administration. He further noted that a number of Minneapolis City Council members have pledged their support of his mayoral campaign. Presumably, the new mayor, Rybak, would enjoy majority support from the Council to put through the reform program which he promised the assembled landlords.

The executive committee of Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee met on Wednesday, September 19, to brainstorm possible proposals to be referred to Rybak with the group’s endorsement. Additionally, it has mailed a letter to its hundreds of members and supporters asking them to formulate specific proposals for change which can be sent to Rybak. These proposals are not intended to confer special advantages upon property owners against other groups but to restore a sense of honesty and effectiveness to city government which can attract private money for investment in housing back to the city.

Therefore, suggestions which reflect the concerns of tenants, homeowners, and other city residents are also welcome. Let this newspaper article be an invitation to the general public to participate in creating what could become a wave of beneficial change sweeping Minneapolis.

The September 12th meeting with Rybak was videotaped. It has and will be shown on Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee’s cable-television show on regional cable, Channel 6, on Fridays between 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. and between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m.”

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