Photo Gallery


Charlie Disney at his winter home in Rio Verde, Arizona, in the last year of his life


left: Gov. Jesse Ventura and Dave Sundberg ... right: Vickie Heller, Eve White, Charlie Disney, Bill McGaughey (around 2000)


Meeting with Toni ("No Bologny") Backdahl, coordinator of Minnesota Tea Party Patriots, April 2010 - Left: John Butler, Jim Swartwood, Bob Carney, Bill McGaughey, Toni Backdahl, Phil Ratte, Nancy Bernard Center: Toni Backdahl, Loretta Mattson Right: Bob Carney, Phil Ratte, Toni Backdahl, Loretta Mattson


Left: Before October 2009 meeting: Jim Swartwood and Loretta Mattson with guest Mike Tupper. Right: Christmas eve 2009: Loretta Mattson & son, Jim Swartwood


Left: After December 2009 meeting, Jim Swartwood and Mel Gregerson Right: After meeting, Martin Johnson, Richard Bear, Mel Gregerson, Andy Ellis


On Monday, August 3, 2009, some of the old-timers ate lunch with our founder, Charlie Disney, at a Chinese restaurant in the Hiawatha shopping center along Lake Street in south Minneapolis. Frank Trisko organized the outing. Photos are courtesy of Patty Mattson who had the foresight to bring a digital camera.


Left: John Butler, Martin Johnson Right: Martin Johnson, Mel Gregerson, Charlie Disney


Left to Right: John Butler, Martin Johnson, Mel Gregerson, Charlie Disney, Bill McGaughey


Left to right: Frank Trisko, Jim Swartwood, Andy Ellis, Bob Anderson, Don Swensrud


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