Response to Email Posting: "It's a Problem Property!"

No, it’s not a" problem property."

So what are we going to do - throw terms around like “problem property” and “nuisance property” and pretend this sheds light on the situation? What about problem city government, Lee Helgen? You could actually do something about that.

I responded to your comments under the other topic, “demolition of home”, but you jumped topics so I will have to do the same.

What I’d like to know from you, Helgen, is whether Osterman’s sworn affidavit that inspector Steve Magner told her she would have to sell her home to an associate for $40,000 or he would see that the house was demolished is correct. Are you or any of your friends in on Magner’s threat? What’s the story here, Lee Helgen?

Another thing: Why did the St. Paul City Council renege on its promise to Julian Jayasuriya when, on June 15, 2005, you voted to have his property at 14 East Jessamine demolished after having given Jayasuriya sixty days to complete the required work orders on May 18th? Have you and your colleagues no sense of shame?

I may have the wrong facts here. That’s why I’m asking you to correct me if I’m wrong. Stop dealing in generalities and be specific.

Your posting indicates that the problems with city inspectors at 14 E. Jessamine started after the St. Paul police did some raids. Conceptually, the existence of crime near a building has nothing to do with a building’s condition with regards to maintenance. It’s illegal to use inspections to do police work. In legal parlance, this is called “abuse of process”. But of course this goes on all the time.

I’m still looking for specific answers from you, Council Member Helgen, in regards to tearing down what appears to be a structurally sound building because of what your city inspectors have done or been ordered to do.

We’ll be in front of the building at 14 E. Jessamine Ave. at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, February 14, looking at this building and raising some questions. There may be TV coverage. If you would care to be there too, we’ll give you time at the megaphone to tell your side of the story.

It might help to bring that guy Magner along with you since some of the questions pertain to him.


Note: Lee Helgen was a St. Paul city council member representing an area that includes 14 East Jessamine Street. He had posted an earlier email message, under the heading "It's a problem property!", to the effect that the house should be torn down for that reason.


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