Follow-up Letter to Chief Olson giving example of slow police response time


April 3, 1996

Mr. Robert Olson
Chief of Police
City of Minneapolis

Dear Chief Olson:

In a meeting with several landlords in February, I mentioned to you several incidents that I had experienced, suggesting inadequate police work. You asked for specific names, places, dates, etc., which I was unable to provide. I now have another such incident and do have specifics.

Yesterday, a burglar broke into an apartment at my building at 1708 Glenwood Avenue. Entry was made by breaking the lock of apartment #9. The tenant, Robert Eubanks, was in the building at the time. He called 911 several times and was informed that police were alerted to the call but that there were other calls of higher priority which had to be addressed first.

According to Mr. Eubanks, it took officers about an hour to respond to this crime in progress. While Eubanks was waiting for officers at the front door, the burglar came back into the apartment through the rear door and again entered Eubanks’ apartment on the top floor. Eubanks encountered the burglar and began wrestling with him. The burglar managed to escape. In the two visits, the burglar managed to make off with considerable amounts of Eubanks’ personal property including money.

Eubanks further informed me that, when the police arrived, the officers refused to talk with him because he was so agitated. They investigated the scene without allowing him to be present. The burglar had left behind some items which might have helped to identify him.

The case number is 86-440. The badge numbers of the officers are xxxx and yyyy. This case is handled by the 4th Precinct. Robert Eubanks’ telephone number is 381-xxxx. He is more than willing to talk about the case. In fact, he plans to visit the 4th precinct to make a personal complaint. It is his feeling that, if police had responded even a bit sooner, the burglar might have been caught in the act.

Please investigate.


William McGaughey

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