What St. Paul property owners experienced after 2000 -

Homeowner horror story #1: Betty Speaker's house is targeted by harassing inspector (speaker1) 772 words (Aug. 2005)

Homeowner horror story #2: When Nancy Osterman refuses to become a drug informant, the city goes after her house (osterman1) 4141 words (March 2006)

Homeowner horror story #3: A single mother tells of being endlessly harassed by the city (lund) 927 words (Aug. 2005)

Bar owner horror story #1: St. Paul tries to close down Diva's bar: the complaint (divas) 3350 words (Dec. 2006)

Bar owner horror story #1 (continued) : St. Paul tries to close down Diva's bar: religious and political pressures (divas2) 3731 words (Dec. 2006)

Court procedure horror story #1 : City of St. Paul Destroys Evidence related to Real-Estate Racketeering Lawsuits (ricotrial) 1213 words (Aug. 2007)

Court procedure horror story #2 : Hearing on the St. Paul racketeering lawsuit (rico2) 1592 words (April 2008)


But there is hope:

Kelly Must Go rally at St. Paul City Hall on August 17th - press release (kellymustgo) 388 words (Aug. 2005)

Songs and Chants for the rally (songsandchants) 110 words (Aug. 2005)

Mayor Randy Kelly given the boot in the 2005 municipal elections (His housing czar, Count Dawkins, also bites the dust.) (kelly1) 808 words plus 1 image (Nov. 2005)

Not so fast, Mr. Dawkins - Your St. Paul reputation is catching up with you. (duluth) 900 words (March 2006)

A St. Valentine's Day protest demonstration at 14 East Jessamine Street in St. Paul (site of a proposed building demolition) (valentine) 490 words (Feb. 2006)

Report on the demonstration at 14 E. Jessamine Street (The city was found to be lying about the house's foundation.) (jessaminestreet) 623 words (Feb. 2006)

The Watchdog Infiltrates St. Paul community meeting led by Council Member Lee Helgen Some out-of-place questions cause the meeting to be terminated (helgen) 1304 words (Feb. 2007)

Deb Johnson, Survivor and Refugee from St. Paul Former owner of Divas bar moves to Belize (divas3) 896 words (Dec. 2009)


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