by Brad Rickertsen

Our lawsuit addresses so many things the liberal press regards as non PC . We feel it necessary to define some terms as common ground for communications.

Generational Welfare (GW) Third (or more) generation welfare recipient. Also known as Great Society success story.
One -Party Rule (OPR) Minneapolis city government. Actually, all cities after the middle class exits.
Professional Activist (PA) Usually someone in a neighborhood organization pretending to be a volunteer. Paid with grants or salaried, usually attached to OPR or NPP (see non-profit pork). Serve the same function as Stalin’s corps of political informers. Function is to make sure citizens follow politically correct lines. You’re on the right track of one accuses you of being ‘counterproductive’.
Career Predator (CPR) Males born into GW
Career Parasite (CPA) Females born into GW
Welfare Wetbacks (WW) Illegal aliens collecting welfare. If you don’t like this and call Social services (true meaning of counterproductive), they’ll tell you to complain to your congressman.
8-Balls Term used by native Americans for whose whom various tribal councils have evicted from reservations. They ask the BIA (a branch of our government) to exile people for a set number of years. Tribes have been using this method to dump their misfits on the back of Hennepin county for years. Common term in Phillips - “8-Ball and a bus ticket”. Don’t like this? That’s right, write your Congressman.
Public School Underground Railroad (PSUR) Schools and street safety are big concerns. Rental property. These are white parents using phony suburban addresses. Despite ‘open enrollment’, city whites are not released by the Minneapolis school system.
Emergency Assistance Cutoffs (EAX) Welfare tenant who’s lost his second deposit within 12 months.
Non Profit Pork (NPP) Originally a legal description of an organization. However, they are quite profitable for those on the inside with fat salaries and expenses and zero accountability. Usually tied to one party rule (OPR) and professional activists (PA). In Minneapolis, they form a second government providing lifetime pork for failed politicos and loyal DFL party hacks.
Utilities Name Game (UNG) They can’t shut the gas off until spring. after that they have to come up with a new name. Usually a ‘sister’ or aunt moving in with them. Main reason for return to the Reservation. Ever wonder who pays for the heat in mid January in a welfare building with a window open? It’s padded onto the rest of Minnegasco’s customers. Just like added prices for shoplifting, premiums for insurance, mortgage rates for foreclosures. People think welfare money is the only expense.
Food Stamp Discount (FD) The rate of discount you get when your tenant exchanges food stamps for cash. Less toward the end of the month.
Charity Game (CG) The next step when a tenant gets an EAX. Then he gets a list of charities, churches and chumps that will contribute dollars.
Fraser Screen (FS) A contractor term referring to the last mayor’s contribution to public safety. It means chain link nailed across windows.
Bouzaism Reference to past police chief, Tony Bouza. “Minneapolis has no street gangs.”
GA/ SSI Drunks Welfare tenants who get their booze money either via General Assistance or Social Security Administration. Incidentally, unlike you and me, they never have to prove they ever contributed to Social Security to get booze or drunk money.
Anabuse Victory (AV) Reference to SSI drunks. Major prestige in Phillips n-hood to achieve this. SSI occasionally makes them take a chemical called Anabuse, which triggers retching when recipient indulges in alcohol. Can be defeated if one drinks until heart stops. After they start you up again with electrodes, they take you off the program. Must repeat every few years. Related to LPC.
Lycol / Pepsi Cocktail (LPC) This is the famous beverage that our always wrong-headed liberal state representative Karen Clark sampled when noticing some 8-Balls having too good a time beside a dumpster in the Phillips n-hood. Her predictable response: She sponsored legislation outlawing the sale of cleaning products in the Phillips area. It’s obviously the fault of the merchants.
Crazy Money (CM) The practice of encouraging your kids to behave wild so you collect SSI money until they’re 18.
Funny Money (FM) What the OPR’s , PA’s, and NPP’s use for money at a rate at least three times what you and I would spend. Originally taxpayer money.


Leave-it-to-Beavers (LITB) Mythological welfare recipient that the liberals say make up the majority of cases. they say they have stats that the average case is someone with two kids who only stays on the system for two years until they get jobs. In 15 years of taking tenant applications, I’ve never even heard of anyone like this.


TENANT SCREENING TERMS FOR THE PLANET (and how to recognize them)
WW (Welfare Wetbacks) Fix their own cars, watches their kids.
BWT (Basic White Trash) Old pickup with brush pile in back. Beer guts. Not sure themselves whose kids belong to them.
8-Balls Cars that don’t appear drivable, but last forever. Also 50 DWI’s per adult, not tabs, registration, insurance or license. Cops pointedly look the other way because they’ll serve then rather than pay a $10 fine. Kids under 10 are the only sober ones.
GFM (Grand Foster Mother) GW tenant getting foster money to take care of her own grandchildren. Apparently the Social Services crowd feels her qualification for this is having raised a daughter so worthless they had to take her kids away.


Midnight Skip Doors open, furniture and belongings still inside. No forwarding address. Usually either dug ripoff on wrong people or U.S. Marshals have found them.
Blueboys and social workers Mother in jail, kids at St. Joseph’s shelter.
Health Dept. Condemnation The Health Department will give them a 24-hour notice to move with major health/ safety problems.
The NPP Push Only non-profit porkers should think of this. Just throw them out. No reprisals from the city.


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