A St. Valentine's Day Protest Demonstration

Dear Friend:

The need for action to protect property rights remains strong. A number of us have decided to stage a protest demonstration in front of Nancy Osterman’s house at 14 E. Jessamine Street in St. Paul. Although the house is in good shape, the city of St. Paul plans to demolish it next Wednesday. You may have seen news reports on Channel 5.

Our protest demonstration is set for Tuesday, February 14 (St. Valentine’s Day), starting at 1 p.m. in front of 14 E. Jessamine Street. Bring a friend or sweetheart, if possible.

Osterman’s house is west of 35 E in St. Paul. If you’re coming from downtown, go up 35E to Maryland Avenue, exit at Maryland and turn left going over the ramp, drive west on Maryland to Jackson Street, turn left (south) on Jackson & go three blocks to Jessamine, turn right on Jessamine and go two blocks. Osterman’s white house is on the left.

The city claims that this house is unsafe; a kept engineer made that statement. We have truth-in-housing reports and a statement by our own structural engineer to show that the house is structurally sound and otherwise in good shape. Osterman has just finished putting $60,000 into it.

Readers of the Watchdog newspaper may remember the vendetta which St. Paul housing inspector Steve Magner has against Osterman. According to her sworn statement, “they (Magner and a police officer) were determined not to let me complete rehabilitation of my house ... Mr. Magner sent someone to look at my house and I was instructed by Magner to sell my home to that person or ‘I would be looking at a hole in the ground’ instead of my house.”

In other words, a St. Paul housing inspector threatened to have Osterman’s house demolished if she did not sell it to his buddy for a specified price - which was $40,000. Osterman refused to be shaken down. Next Wednesday is the day when Magner intends to make good on his threat.

This is blatant corruption condoned by the St. Paul City Council. Mayor Chris Coleman claims he can do nothing to stop the demolition. We do not believe him. Keep in mind that our group twice picketed St. Paul City Hall to get rid of Randy Kelly . We can do the same to Coleman and to the dishonorable St. Paul City Council members.

Those who want a summary of the story of Osterman’s troubles with St. Paul city government can go to a website:

In summary, concerned citizens from both Minneapolis and St. Paul will join forces in front of Nancy Osterman’s house at 1 p.m. at 14 East Jessamine Street in St. Paul. Give a sweet lady your Valentine by being on hand to protest and, hopefully, prevent her structurally sound home from being demolished on the following day.

Thank you.


Note: This message was posted on the St. Paul e-democracy forum, inspiring a flurry of responses.

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