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Some Headline Events in History of Civilization II  

 c. 1375 B.C.     Pharaoh Ikhnaton begins heretical reign.  
 c. 1250 B.C.     Hebrews start to invade Palestine.  
   c. 925 B.C.     Solomon dies and Hebrew empire splits.  
   c. 600 B.C.     Zoroaster has religious revelations. 
      586 B.C.     Nebuchadnezzar captures Jerusalem.  
   c. 530 B.C.     Buddha experiences enlightenment. 
      399 B.C.     Socrates is tried and executed. 
      261 B.C.     Emperor Asoka converts to Buddhism. 
      250 B.C.     Buddhist convocation adopts Pali canon. 
        30 A.D.     Jesus is crucified and resurrected. 
        45 A.D.     St. Paul begins missionary travels. 
        67 A.D.     St. Peter executed in Rome. 
        70 A.D.     Jerusalem is destroyed by the Romans.  
   c. 100 A.D.     Kanishka promotes Mahayana Buddhism. 
      242 A.D.     Mani begins preaching new doctrine. 
      313 A.D.     Constantine legalizes Christianity. 
      323 A.D.     Council of Nicaea adopts doctrine of the trinity. 
      411 A.D.     St. Augustine writes The City of God  
      431 A.D.     Council of Ephesus condemns Nestorianism. 
      432 A.D.     St. Patrick begins mission to Ireland. 
      496 A.D.     Clovis, king of Franks, is baptized. 
      529 A.D.     Benedict founds monastery at Monte Cassino. 
      590 A.D.     Gregory I becomes Pope. 
      596 A.D.     Gregory sends Augustine to England. 
      610 A.D.     Mohammed has vision at Mt. Hira. 
      622 A.D.     Mohammed moves to Medina. (the hegira)  
      632 A.D.     Mohammed dies. 
      650 A.D.     Official version of Koran is determined. 
      658 A.D.     Mu'awiyah establishes Umayyad dynasty. 
      661 A.D.     Caliph Ali is murdered. 
      664 A.D.     Synod of Whitby binds England to Rome.  
      691 A.D.     Dome of the Rock built in Jerusalem. 
      726 A.D.     Byzantine emperor Leo III attacks icons. 
      732 A.D.     Franks defeat Moslems at battle of Tours. 
      749 A.D.     Abbasid dynasty is established at Baghdad. 
      751 A.D.     Arabs defeat Chinese near Samarkand. 
      800 A.D.     Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor. 
      841 A.D.     Foreign religions persecuted in China. 
      910 A.D.     Monastic reform movement begins at Cluny. 
      960 A.D.     Fatimid caliphate established in Egypt. 
      989 A.D.     Vladimir of Kiev baptized in Orthodox faith. 
    1054 A.D.     Schism between Constantinople and Rome. 
    1055 A.D.     Saljuq Turks capture Baghdad. 
    1086 A.D.     Almoravid dynasty established in Spain. 
    1087 A.D.     Gregory VII absolves Emperor Henry IV. 
    1095 A.D.     Pope Urban II launches First Crusade. 
    1187 A.D.     Saladin takes Jerusalem from Crusaders. 
    1206 A.D.     Moslem state established at Delhi. 
    1273 A.D.     St. Thomas Aquinas writes Summa Theologica 
    1309 A.D.     Papacy moved to Avignon, France. 
    1377 A.D.     Papacy moved back to Rome. 
    1417 A.D.     Martin V's papal election ends Great Schism. 
    1439 A.D.     Byzantine emperor accepts papal authority. 
    1453 A.D.     Ottoman Turks capture Constantinople. 
    1492 A.D.     Moors expelled from Spain. 
    1517 A.D.     Martin Luther posts 95 Theses on church door. 
    1525 A.D.     Babur founds Mogul dynasty in India. 
    1534 A.D.     Henry VIII founds Church of England. 
    1538 A.D.     Nanak, first Sikh guru, dies. 
    1540 A.D.     Ignatius Loyola founds Society of Jesus. 
    1565 A.D.     Kingdom of Vijayanagar falls to Moslems. 
    1582 A.D.     Mogul Emperor Akbar proclaims new religion. 
    1827 A.D.     Joseph Smith discovers Mormon tablets. 
    1859 A.D.     Charles Darwin publishes Origin of Species. 
    1948 A.D.     Israel reestablished as a Jewish state. 
    1965 A.D.     Paul Twitchell brings Eckankar to West. 

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